Not getting ads desktop india

im browsing daily for 10 hours (evening 6 to morning 3am) still im getting 15 to 20 ads only perday … im not getting 5 ads per hour … if i get 3 ads per hour *10hours i will get totally 30ads per day … but this is so poor day by day ads are very less … i dont know about other regions
got 105 ads for 6days (10hours each)

@raviteja33 You are already getting the maximum capacity of ads per day.
5 ads pr hour doesn’t mean we will receive 5 ads every hour.


No, you’ll not. Because you will hit the daily ad limit which I think is set to 20.

By the way, I felt a little insecure by just looking at the list of extensions you have installed on your browser.


ha ha dont worry about them its not harm you anyway

U are from india only and I am too but still u r getting far more ads than me I am using for 7 8 hrs and only getting 6 7 ads a day and monthly I am only able to claim 6 or 7 bats…
In my comparison u r getting more rewards like 33bat a month from single computer which is great…can u help me by giving some tips?

because im super BRAVE :stuck_out_tongue: im accidentally using all verified brave websites … im freelancer … and im sell all kinds of social boosts …

What does that mean bro
I mean how u r getting this much ads per day…and what do u mean by social boost and
All brave verified websites?? How u r using them all

He’s just messing with you.

I understand that bro​:joy::joy:
But still he is getting more ads than anyone I thing… till now I have never got more than 8 bat monthly…
What about u bro…how much u get
In desktop and mobile

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