Rarely get brave rewards and ads

Rarely get brave rewards as I already keep 10 ads per hour and I did get only hardly 2 or 4 ads per day.

Even if you set it to 10 Ads per Hour, that is the Maximum Number of Ads you receive in an Hour and that too is possible only if you live in USA.

I live in India and I too have 10 Ads Per Hour selected, but I only get 2-4 ads and that depends on the Number of Advertiser your Country has. Brave can’t control it.

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I get only 2 or 4 ads not per hour but per day :sweat_smile:

Ohh I get around 7-8 per day…

I know the maths doesn’t make sense but yeah in India there are very less advertisers.

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Now Advertisers are Increased. I also Live in India. Today 8:00 to 9:00 am i Got 6 ads.

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