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Hai team,
I am from india.last few days i watched 20 ads in a more ads after this a coincidence?
1.what is the maximum number of ads we get a day?
2.17 active campaign in india.that mean 17 types of ad available or something else?
3.what can i do for more ads?
(I am weak in english plz forgive the mistakes)

@Ramees1996 20 ads is the max per day. Make sure you max ads per hour(5) to get the most ads. This does not mean you will get 5 per hour. Most of the times you will get less.

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So no need to wait if i got 20 ads
20ads=1 bat
So maximum i can earn a month is 30 bat
What about free grants?
Is it extra?

@Ramees1996 generally 20 ads could = 1 BAT but that is not always the case. I have seen some ads run .1 BAT. Most are less. I am averaging about .054 BAT per ad. I just have had 3 ads and got about .1 BAT.

As for grants, I been on for a month and have not seen any. I have read they are random and may or may not happen once a month.

Grants are meant to be used for tipping (my understanding). I am still learning.

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@kevers05, @Ramees1996
I think I read somewhere that the grants system it’s no longer active


@JohnDproof Is it temporarily or permanently?

I think it was only for the beta version of brave to help users understand the tipping feature of brave


Hi there,

Where do I find these ads?

I open a new tab & I don’t see any ads, just the background image.

And how do you find out how much you’ve made per ad?

Where do I find these ads? - It depends on what system you are using. MS Windows uses the notification message in the lower right (as you look at it) corner of the screen. You have to click on it and if all works correctly, the ad should load in the browser. Each OS is different.

… made per ad? - This would be a nice if this where added to the ad info. You can only see a change in your “Estimated pending rewards” number. It may take several ads to see a change.

See also

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