Not every ads are rewarded

Why am I not rewarded for every advertisement I visit and only for some?

In these days I’ve visited 23 Ad notifications but i’ve received only 1.1BAT.

Hi @kheperer - can you DM me your Brave Internals info?

Hi @steeven - Thanks for answering me. Can you be more specific? what informations do you need? I’m not sure I understand.

Open brave:rewards-internals (or chrome:rewards-internals on Android) and send the info to Steven via PM – click Steven username, there you’ll find Message button.

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Thank you @eljuno! I should have clarified :slight_smile:

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Hi, can someone pls explain to me why the following thread was closed: Estimated pending rewards and ad notifications received this month not increasing, but this one remained open (and promptly attended to) - when the actual result is still the same? Ie. rewards not received for all ads and in my case, no rewards received for ads in the last week and a bit?

@steeven - i’ve also sent you a message. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



updated report:
Estimated pending rewards 1.4BAT
Ad notifications received this month 28

Today I’ve received only 2 ads, rewarded with 0.

My settings accepts a max of 5 ads per hour.

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This is the same problem that i’m encountering.

Estimated pending rewards 3.3 BAT
Ad notifications received this month 64

Received 10 ads on the 23/02, rewarded with 0.
Received 11 ads on the 25/02, rewarded with 0.

Am back online today and haven’t received any ads today so far.

My settings are also set at 5 max per hour.

Windows 10
Brave version: Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Today i’ve received x2 ads so far and rewarded with 0 (ad notifications still on 64, with pending rewards on 3.3 BAT):

Yesterday (March 1st) I received a single ad, rewarded fortunately. Today still zero.

Today I received the first payment from Uphold.
With my surprise, I must say that the estimate did not reflect the real total by excess.
This is good because the total received is more coherent with the number of ads visited.
For me this topic is solved.
Thank you.
I still have a problem with Coinbase’s reward which I will mention in another more specific topic.

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