Not getting rewards since I started usuing brave

I started using brave about a month ago. Have checked the safety net and it passes fine. Have rewards and add enabled. Still havent recieved any rewards

Have you been receiving ads? Or none.

Yes, at least the 5 per hour when using the browser

So are you not seeing any estimated pending rewards? Or are you talking about physically getting paid. Estimated pending rewards I belive some users report showing 0 but as long as ads are still there you should be fine. Payout for your ads begin on 5th of every month and can be delayed up to a few days after, as there are millions of users they need to deal with.

Iā€™m not seeing anything pending but I will wait a week amd see if they show up by then. Thank you for the help

@Emptywallet88 hi, I think that what @HighPriestess42 meant if that the ad counter is increasing ā€“ the ad history ā€“

You could also clear the brave app cache

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