View ads but not getting rewards as I should and have?

I have been using Brave for mny months now. I looked at my end of month rewards and notice I only earned 25% of the ads I have been earning yet I am still watching/viewing regularly. So I opened up my rewards window to observe credit being added when I viewed an add and as I expected I am only receiving credit for 1 out of 5 ads I view? I run Brave on two other computers and reviewed those as well. Samething! Now I dont want to be accusatory however this is suspicious. We already get very little credit for the ads we view and now it appears the systems is diluting that further by only crediting 1 out of 5. Not sure how that is even possible unless Brave has changed the SC without informing us. In any event this is not good and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, for now, but first this needs fixed and second I would like my missing rewards. Over 3 machines it amounts to almost 60 BAT.


Just to be clear - I had two ads pop up while writing my initial request and received no creait for either.

Hi @DisruptU,

Thank you for reporting. Can you DM me your Rewards internal info? I can help to take a closer look.

I can - but what exactly do I DM you? I see nothing that says internal information. Also it is for multiple machines so.



Standing by for specific instructions to get you the info you have requested!

Still waiting for guidance.

Hi @DisruptU - Did you receive your payout on the 5th?

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