I receive ads notifications but brave stopped counting them as rewards!

I was receiving ads notifications and get rewarded accordingly till Saturday 24 Aug, 2019. I still receive ads notifications but neither do “Estimated pending rewards” nor “Ad notifications received this month” increase. To be accurate, it increased one single time from 17 ads to 18 ads yesterday yet, I received about 5 ads afterwards which did not count.BraveRewards


How long has it been since the last ad you’ve seen ad the number in the summary not updating?

im having this issue also since thursday

It was Monday’s morning, about 12 - 14 hours ago. Now I received a notification and it did count, not sure the bug is still there or not.

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Similar on my system too, but for a lot greater amounts of time.

In my desktop my count says 10 ads but I have received an additional 10 more in the last week that were not accounted for. Additionally, on my laptop, for the whole of this month, I have received no rewards at all. It says precisely 0 ads received while I receive them quite regularly.

This must be a bug, because on mobile, which I use a lot less than my desk, I receive ads and rewards regularly.