Not connecting to websites in TOR window

Been having trouble all day connecting with websites in a TOR window.


I immediately load the same URL in a regular private window and there’s no problem.

@mk7z didn’t spend too much time looking and can’t test for myself, as needing to get to sleep. But you seeing anything where might be related to article below?

@Saoiray Thanks, article seems to just be about TOR’s onion site. Whatever it was that was causing the problem yesterday, TOR (in Brave) seems back to normal today.

Yeah, depending on your settings I figured you might have been trying to open Twitter’s onion site.


That article had mentioned where that no longer was being maintained by Twitter. Essentially just took a guess on wondering if that’s what happened with you. That said, I didn’t test it and don’t really use Tor, so just was a wild guess and wanting to bring it up in case it helped.

Glad to hear it seems to be back to normal now.

@Saoiray Slight delay getting back. I got curious and tried to open Twitter’s onion site in a Brave TOR window. Didn’t work. Do you know how to do it?


It doesn’t work, which is what the article I shared was all about. Hence why I shared and was wondering if that was your issue, in regards to you trying to open the onion site but it not opening since Twitter has let it lapse.

@Saoiray The title of the article is misleading because Twitter still works in the TOR browser (or in a TOR tab in Brave). It’s just specifically the onion site that’s not accessible.

Should be easy enough to renew the certificate. Maybe Elon Musk just doesn’t wanna.

(Or maybe it’s just because he’s busy fighting platform manipulation, so onions aren’t a priority.)

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