Problems using Private with TOR windows (esp. on Twitter)

Within the past few days have been having consistent problems using Private with TOR windows, which has forced me to use regular Private windows instead.

Noted especially when on Twitter.

Anyone else experiencing this?

What kind of “consistent problem”? A screenshot of the issue, Brave version, OS will be really helpful @mk7z.

And I kind of expecting that behavior if you use PW with Tor.

@eljuno Thanks. Referring here to long delays in page loading, often eventually just serving up ‘could not load page’ type error messages.

Mostly seeing this in Twitter, so could conceivably be occurring due to something on Twitter’s end – but it doesn’t happen in standard Private windows.

Also aware of ‘expected behavior,’ but this (error messages aside) has been noticeably abnormal response compared to my typical results with “PW with Tor,” which I make use of daily.

If you still want them, I’ll screenshot any error messages I see after webpages fail to load. But that’s basically all they say. Let me know.

Thanks again.

Mac OS Mojave
Brave Release Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit) “up to date”

From the article I linked above

Some sites will treat you very differently because of this. Most often they’ll just keep asking you to prove you’re human. If a site relies on a feature which would reveal your real IP address or make you much easier to recognize when you’re not using Tor, that site might not work at all because we’d rather be safe than sorry.

@eljuno Thanks for that but this was unusual and isn’t something I’d seen before at Twitter, which in my experience doesn’t object to being used in TOR.

My post here was actually just to find out whether others were experiencing the same issues so I’d have an idea whether the ones I reported might be ‘global’ (i.e., also occurring for other Twitter users).

Those issues didn’t recur yesterday, so I’m guessing the situation was a temporary one that’s been resolved.

Thanks for your replies.

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