Not able to send crypto out of brave wallet to metamask

i’m trying to send SOL out of brave wallet to metamask but the transaction keeps failing everytime. it just says error and it keeps failing everytime. Any help?

![Screenshot 2023-09-26 001131|577x500](upload://jHpK7Ph0eP4XZmk1xHXRcSlx2vA.png)

@killuaa it looks like you submitted your message before it finished uploading, so we don’t have the screenshot.

Guess first thing I’m going to ask is do you have enough remaining in your Wallet to cover gas fees? Keep in mind gas fees are separate from the transaction.

yes i have enough sol in my wallet to cover the gas fees sir but the txn keeps failing and says just Error

@killuaa ok, if I remember correctly, you should be able to either hover over Error or click on it to see more details. (I rarely use Wallet, so I could be wrong). Could you check that and see if it explains more on the error?

it just says error and nothing happens when i click/hover on error

it just got confirmed, prolly was due to some network error

anyway thanks for replying!

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