Why claim option not showing

i got the same problem

can you plz explain me how catalog works and why I am seeing crypto related ads that are not at all relevant to my browsing style, how brave ad matching works ? Why I see 3-4 ads for an hour but after that no ads for hours? Sorry I am new to brave and hope that you can answer some of my questions, plz explain me

Even I’m also facing same issue from past 3 months … I don’t know why I’m not seeing claim opt

I recently switched to Brave Browser and amazed with its performance than I came to know about Brave rewards , I started using it and turned brave ads on and set settings to 5 ads/hour, as mentioned in your support site ,its a ceiling not floor , so I was okay with it, but then I found out that brave gives me ads relevant to my browsing style but the ads I am getting are crypto related which I really don’t browse so how that ads are matching with my browsing style?

Why I get 3-4 ads per hour but after some time I dont get ads for hours ? What is ad catalog and how I can check one ( there are too many v1 v2 v3 v4…).? On what basis brave decide when to give ads , are they random ? If brave ensures that ads will be relevant to you so why no ads of my relevance, I am using latest version of Brave and live in India and I will permanently switch to brave if I get to know answers of above questions .


@raviteja did you read all the previous answers?

@darshan.jali @Vinayakdongadi
is your browser up to date? the actual version is 1.24.81, they introduced a fix that could be related to your case

  • Fixed issue where active promotions could not be claimed if they were marked as “Over” on the client. (#14741 )

make sure you have the latest update, and wait for the payment process to complete, hopefully you’ll get your bat

@AyanB214 hi, this is unrelated to this thread but I’ll try to explain you based on my limited knowledge.

there are two types of ads, sponsored images that appear in the new tab page and push notifications ads they appear in your screen as system notifications, the place they do it varies according to your S.O.

Sponsored Images
  • Not based on user interest. so every user in the same region should get the same ntp ad.
  • ntp ads appears every 4th ntp you open (when the browser just opened a ntp ad will apear at the 2nd ntp)
  • there isn’t a limit of how many will appear but you will be paid only 4/hour and 20/24 hours.
  • clicking on ntp ads past the limit are registered on the 7-day ad history but that doesn’t mean that you are getting paid for it (the ad counter doesn’t increase on these cases).
  • sometimes it could happen that you receive ntp ads that doesn’t appears in your catalog, clearing the cache of the browser with ccleaner/similar tools usually solve this.
Push Notification Ads

some ads has categories, while you use the browser it tries to classify every site you visit in one of the current categories. and according to that it calculates your “interests”. your region and operating system are also taken into account.
How Brave’s Ad Matching Works

They have various limits:

  • the one chosen by you (1-5/hour).
  • the browser will only serve you up to 40 of these ads per day.
  • every ad has an hourly limit and a daily limit set by the advertiser. when those limits are reached the ad will not be served.
  • when the browser doesn’t find and ad matching your “interests” it will try to serve you an untargeted ad if available, if not then none ad will be served.

sometimes you can notice in the ad history the the ads have a tag [viewed, clicked, dismissed, etc.] those metrics are collected for the advertiser.

  • it is said that closing/dismissing an ad too many times can cause that ad to stop appearing for some time – don’t know the exact time.

It is NOT necessary to click on them, the moment they appear, they will be registered.

you can check the ads available for your region here.

IMPORTANT: I was forgetting something very important, Avoid using VPN, it would seems like you can get a lot more ads – if your not in one of the main regions – but it can cause the browser to have errors confirming the ads views, loading the ad catalog, an also calculating the pending rewards… and it’s not ethical, but that’ts up to you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: on version 1.25.XX
now the ads limits are shared between all the profiles that exist within a brave intallation. this means that if you have reached the 4 ntp ads paid per hour in one profile the others profiles will not pay you within the same hour.

This was implemented because some greedy users were exploiting the ability to claim Bat in multiple profiles to abuse the system – it was said that some of them went as far as to have 50 profiles…

@mattches can correct me if I got something wrong. :grimacing:


You’re right on point with everything here so far :slight_smile:

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Thanks you helped a lot

Why browser claims that it will show me ads related to my browsing, I don’t browse crypto at all still most of the ads I receive are crypto related

I am not complaining , I just wanted to know

The Ads system uses machine learning to determine the ads most relevant to you. So part of this is dependent on your browsing habits and how long you’ve “trained” the system to know what you consider “relevant”.

Another part of the equation is what ads are available to show you at all. Ad campaigns vary by region in both number and types of ads shown (note that you can see what ads/campaigns are available in your region here). So the fact that you are seeing crypto ads means that you visit enough sites related to “technology” and/or crypto for the system to feel like they are relevant to you.

If you’re only seeing crypto ads, it could mean:

  • In your region, there are only crypto related ads/campaigns running at this time
  • You browsing habits are such that you don’t meet the criteria for other types of ads that are/may be running in your region at this time.

There are other possibilities and factors that could be at play here, but those are the major considerations. If you want a deeper dive into how the ads system works, I recommend the following article:

Thanks but when would we be paid it is almost 8th

We informed everyone here on Community via pinned post that payments would be delayed. Further, there are pinned posts on the home page, as well as a banner on the top of every page with the current payout status.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have payments complete as soon as possible.

Thank you.

but nobody waits, sorry people what they want is to be paid if they are going to pay if they do not speak clearly that they are a scam that they do not want and now

if i update will i lose my bat tokens ?

No for Updates , but if U uninstall then you will… @raviteja

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My browser version is 1.24.82

O have updated with latest version but it is not showing, since 3 months my bat is stuck with 22 bat… Hell me out

@Vinayakdongadi payments have not finished :man_facepalming:

check on the link wesbard provided :point_up_2:

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@teambrave you are working very good but my problem is 22 bats … , I want to verify my wallet, i want to reach 25bat , but
Since 3 months it is Not increasing and every month I’m getting 120+ ads ‌‌‌… I don’t know what to do …:cry: