Ad Viewing but BAT not rewarded

Hello Guys,
From yesterday (31st June) I am viewing Ads but I am not getting my Brave Ad rewards. Only number of Ads is increasing but BAT is not increasing.


It looks as if everything is alright now. Restart device.

I restarted 10 times but no any changes.

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Did you actually try that :smiley:

yes, I already try more times.

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Now the new Problem BAT Balance Reduced now.

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Well I am pleased to announce that the issue is fixed now and you can see the same here -

Thank You very much. @Sds777

What makes you think that?
The link you sent is just the catalogue of ads not The revenue we receive.
We’ve not had a problem receiving ads. The problem is either we are not getting paid for all the ads or the revenue per ad is now ~1/5th of the revenue it used to be.

See the bats per ads . Now there is no 0.0125 present and starts from 0.05 as before. So I can say that the issue is fixed.

Yes, Issue is fixed now. There is no any problem but the problem is I am not getting my previous ads balance amount which is viewing from yesterday to now.

Well you will not get that what I think because it was paid yesterday as the rate of 0.0125 bat per ad.

@Sds777 From now what is the rate of per Ad.

Even i’m facing same issue in my pc, BAT are reducing by 0.1 after viewing ad.

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Ranges for - 0.05,0.1,0.5,0.15,0.2,0.25 and 0.3

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Thanks for the information @Sds777

Precisely, so we’ve been underpaid.
Issue not resolved.

Closing - duplicate.