Noscript for Brave?

I need a way to selectively disallow Javascripts to load while allowing certain others.

Brave can only deny scripts globally, while in FireFox noscript they allow you to choose from a list, which is the most effective way to reduce unnecessary parts of a webpage while still being able to use it.

How can I accomplish this in Brave? I want to disable all google javascript, but I don’t want to completely disable all websites that use them.

Thank you.

Hi @newname,
Brave is actually based on chromium, so going to The Chrome Webstore Noscript page
Chrome Webstore actually recognizes Brave because of User Agent, but should work flawlessly regardless.

See below:

Hope this helped!



Thanks for the NoScript referral.

For those of us (like me!) who weren’t paying close attention, I’ve been using NoScript in Firefox but I was unaware it was now also available for Chrome (and hence, for Brave). That’s recently changed; again, thanks.

Long-time NoScript users may find being able to export / import settings (right-click the NoScript icon | Options) is very helpful.

No, it didn’t really help me. I just installed NoScript and I find that it does not block any scripts. While the same sites in FireFox are blocked by NoScript properly.

Does NoScript even work in Brave? Or is it just there for looks??

Does NoScript even work in Brave? Or is it just there for looks??