Brave — NoScript Extension conflict

2 Feb 2022: about the time Brave v1.35.100 was released (but before I installed it), NoScript v11.2.15 stopped operating properly with some websites, e.g.: Ars Technica , Politico, and — sink my putt! — Brave Release Status and brave | Community.

On these websites, I lost some or all functionality. The then-current version of NoScript was 11.2.15 which has since been updated to 11.2.16 The websites I listed all functioned properly using Firefox with the previous and current versions of NoScript. Disabling NoScript in Brave restored these websites’ functionality.

I realize: NoScript is somewhat belt-and-suspenders with Brave, but I liked NoScript’s granularity.

Searching this category, I found no similar entries. Has anyone encountered this problem?


I have not used NoScript with Brave Browser.

But, re your issue, I am wondering if there is some switch that you can set – in a Brave setting – that will cause NoScript to NOT be loaded/started with the start of Brave Browser; followed by, after the start, then you manually start NoScript.

Perhaps, running thru that, once, will fix things? Getting around, whatever occured re the installation of the Brave Browser version 1.35.100 update.

Thanks for replying with your suggestion.

Clicking on the pancake icon, Extensions takes me (Surprise!) to the Extensions page where I can easily toggle any extension to “off”, suspending its operation. That’s what I did to confirm it was NoScript that wasn’t playing well with certain websites.


The mystery remains: before updating to Brave v1.35.100, I toggled NoScript to “on” and found no problem. I updated Brave to v1.35.100. NoScript is “on” and the previous problem hasn’t recurred. What caused it / what resolved it is, to me, a mystery.

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