Non-https links not loading pages

I have been having this problem for the last few days. When I click a link (when logged into my eBay account) which does not show an https URL at the bottom of the screen, it does not load the page. However, if I right click the link and copy the URL, then paste it into the address bar and add “https://” to the start of the URL it loads fine. It is tricky to show an example as I’m not giving my eBay login details :wink:
However, I find the same problem happens on the following page:

If I click on the feedback number under seller information at the top right of the page, the page does not load.

Okay, possibly an issue with https-everywhere. Looking into it.

This may fix it, but it’ll need be cleared/reviewed.

The links are working fine for me now. Many thanks!

Erm, nothing is rolled out yet. Just an intermittent issue I guess. I’ll close my pull request.

Yep, it’s not working again. Must be intermittent…