Non-https links not loading pages

I have been having this problem for the last few days. When I click a link (when logged into my eBay account) which does not show an https URL at the bottom of the screen, it does not load the page. However, if I right click the link and copy the URL, then paste it into the address bar and add “https://” to the start of the URL it loads fine. It is tricky to show an example as I’m not giving my eBay login details :wink:
However, I find the same problem happens on the following page:

If I click on the feedback number under seller information at the top right of the page, the page does not load.

Okay, possibly an issue with https-everywhere. Looking into it.

This may fix it, but it’ll need be cleared/reviewed.

The links are working fine for me now. Many thanks!

Erm, nothing is rolled out yet. Just an intermittent issue I guess. I’ll close my pull request.

Yep, it’s not working again. Must be intermittent…

Any update on this? The problem is still not resolved. It is actually affecting my performance at work as I am having to manually change URLs in the address bar by adding https://
I don’t want to go back to using Edge as I like Brave, so would like this fixed!

Last I saw it was a non-issue/intermittent issue?

It does not have the issue maybe once in 100 clicks, but this problem occurs almost every time.

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