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I have just recently started using Brave browser instead of Edge on my Windows 10 PC. I sell car parts on eBay and have noticed that eBay’s Vehicle Compatibility checker does not load when using Brave browser. The compatibility checker loads fine on the same page in Edge and Chrome. You can see an example of this on the following page:

When I view it, instead of the list of compatible vehicles, I see the message “Something went wrong.Reload”. Clicking Reload just gives the same result, yet it is fine in Edge and Chrome when checking at the same time.
I am concerned that potential customers will not be able to view the vehicle compatibility checker if using the Brave browser.
Does anyone else have the same issue?

Could you send a screenshot of the problem because I couldn’t recreate the problem

Okay I can see this.

caused by the following filters:


I’ll need to investigator a fix.

Needs to be approved;

Thank you for your reply. I never thought of that. I also use 3rd party tracker blocking in Edge and Chrome and they load the compatibility checker fine. When I disable 3rd party tracker blocking in Brave the compatibility checker loads fine.

Yeah, temporarily just disable 3rd-party trackers on ebay.com. Most likely it’ll affect other ebay regions.

Is there a way I can enable just these trackers in my Brave browser? When I list new items on eBay, I like to check the compatibility checker on the live listings to make sure it is correct. Currently, I am having to do this using Edge or Chrome.

Its been merged @fosautoparts give a 24-48hrs, the fix is coming :slight_smile: Then you can run with sheilds enabled on ebay without issue

Excellent, many thanks!

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Wow! You guys are good. That’s the eBay vehicle compatibility checker displaying now with shields on. Thank you!

Great to see it working, thanks for the feedback! :grin:

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