Problems with a site

Hi guys, how are you? I come with a new problem.

It happens to me that with a single site in particular I have very big problems. The page just hangs all the time, or it takes too long to let me hit any buttons/type, or I just can’t do anything and get a “there’s a problem, please wait or close” message. This happens 100% of the time with this site.

I tried disabling the VPN and it works the same, I tried creating a new profile without extensions and it works the same. At the same time, I tried to open the same page with chrome and it works perfectly.


Which site is causing the problem?

the site is or

Daang, I was hoping to find the resolution to my issue here. It’s unfortunate this thread didn’t take off. Now I fear my plea will go unanswered. Maybe I should start thinking of what I’m going to do next…

Same issue upon a possibly times out page or expired certificate. Wait or exit. Hung up trying to establish a secure connection (PDF Candy)

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does anyone have an idea? It seems that we are several with this topic :frowning: we don’t want to go back to chrome! aahha


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