Problem loading links from "" pages

After the last updates, it does not load some pages from the links from the “” pages, such as “” or “”. I tried to reinstall, ok for a while, after a few clicks it will not load the pages again. This is a mobile version for android. Phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro android 11 MIUI 12.5.1

So this page doesn’t load on Android ? @drachan

Through this link yes, but on the home page “” will not load the links. I am attaching a gif for an example.

Sure, checked the site. some links require more than one click (for some reason). Occuring in Firefox Mobile also.

Yes, some links require more than one click (usually 2), but the links “” or “” will not help even 10 clicks, the page will not load. You are right, the same error also occurs in Firefox Mobile or Vivaldi browser or Kiwi browser.

I would reach out to the site owners/ and link them to this thread

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