No sponsored image on 4 tabs

I already checked
There is bybit company showing NTP

Need help please sort it

Hello @Gaurav

this what the sponsor image for today

what you shared show what will be counted if you got it

I am not getting this ads
Actually I don’t get any NTP ads

today is nexo ads not the bybit one

that why it does not show up

each day has certain sponosor image and the link you mentioned show the one that when you see it will count for your reward

I got this ad on mobile
But it doesn’t count in wallet.
On desktop I don’t get any NTP ads

they many rules about how ads count which i do not know all of them so i can not help you with that

Can we have a meet
So that you can see I problem

i am not brave employee i am just user same as you

What version you are using for brave
And what OS

@Gaurav linux centos

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