No sponsored image rewards

Hello everyone.
I am in the USA, I see a lot of ads and there are no problems with it.
But the sponsored images worry me.
when i see them i don’t get any rewards and this has been going on for a month now, does anyone have the same problem?
You can say that it all depends on many factors, but I doubt that there is no advertiser on sponsored images in the US

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Sponsored NTP images will show up in your 7-day Ads history:

If you see it there, then you have earned from it. I believe sponsored images can have different/lower BAT values so the earnings may appear not to be counted, even though they are.

Today I see a sponsored image on my 3 computers all day. I am in the US, but the reward has not been credited. And this continues after the 1.18.75 update.

As I stated previously:

Hello, you wrote that post five days ago… can you confirm you are still getting ads in the US?

I confirm
I don’t get sponsored image rewards. Not even stats in the 7 day ad report.

I fully understand that you think so.
But as I said, I don’t see a single display of sponsored awards in the 7 day stats, and this is happening on all my devices.

Can you share a screenshot of a new tab with a sponsored image and a second tab with your 7-day ad history in it so that we can see that the sponsored image isn’t being added to the list? This will help me provide detailed information to the team when reporting this.

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Thank you – looking into this now.
Appreciate your patience.

Can you send me a DM with your wallet ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

I sent you a private message.
And if it helps.
When I click on the link below on sponsored images, sometimes this report appears in 7 days stats, but the balance still doesn’t increase.

I upgraded windows from Windows 7 to windows 10 and sponsored images started to count.
It’s very strange that on win7 this stopped working after updating.

Some images count towards 7-day statistics, but the balance does not increase.

Some images do, or all images do? Right now, if you open a new tab with a sponsored image in it and visit your ads history, is the NTP image recorded?

This works every other time out of 4 images counts in statistics 3.
On Windows7, images don’t count at all, no matter how much I view them.

There are limits on how many times per day/hour you will be rewarded for sponsored images. Are you still not seeing rewards on windows 7? Thanks

Windows 10 works great, and Windows 7 has fewer ads and no sponsored images.

Hi, just to clarify you are not seeing sponsored images on Windows 7, or just not being rewarded for them? Thanks

I do not receive rewards. I see images without problems…


Would you be free for a Zoom screen-share so I can help diagnose this issue? If so, please reach out via if you are free now.