No sound on speakers with Brave

I don’t have any sounds on Brave with my laptop speakers. I have to plug my headphones to hear the sounds. I tried:

  • A different profile: no change
  • Disabling extensions: no change
  • Going to Windows advanced sound parameters: the Brave Browser sound bar is disabled. When I plug my headphones, a second brave browser sound bar (not disabled this time appears) but the sound can only be heared through the headphones

I don’t know what to do. The sound works fine on any other browser

Hello @fabiochelly

go to any website that has sound then open the sound icon next to the clock on the lower right corner and make sure the brave there is not muted


hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks a lot for your help.

In fact there was a Windows update waiting to be installed: the sound came back after the update and reboot.
Why Brave only and why only on speakers? No clue.

you very welcome

maybe brave was depend on one of the file that the system was updating or maybe something else i am not sure :slight_smile:

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