No rewards, no ads notification, but I still see ads

I just started using brave browser today,
so I might haven’t figured out everything yet.
I enabled ads, I’ve even set it to 5 ads per hours, just to test it.
But when I browse, most ads are blocked (like, there’s a white/black rectangle showing instead of the ad), some are totally blocked and I don’t see em at all.
I still see vids ads on twitch, nothing on youtube.
I see ads on facebook.
And most annoying, on streaming sites, I see all the ads popup when I click play.
It’s a bit hard to use the content blocker to get rid of it.

But anyway, despite seeing all these ads, I still stay at 0 BAT, and 0 notifications.
I saw it wasn’t available everywhere, but I’m in france and saw it was released here so that should be the problem.

How to get BAT, how to know which ads counts and which doesn’t, and how to get rid of the ads which doesn’t counts please ?


same case for me. No rewards and the viewed ads count doesn’t go up. I see notifications on Windows 10 but nothing.

Juste pour t’expliquer par contre, d’après ce que j’ai compris, les publicités que tu vois pendant ta navigation (youtube, twitch etc) ne rapportent rien, tu peux donc laisser le bloqueur de pub tout bloquer. Le site envoie des notifs sur ton PC et c’est celles ci qui rémunèrent.

ah ok merci, j’avais pas compris ça, du coup j’ai pas eu de notifs du tout alors.

@asad @jennie @mattches I think we need a video showing the brave ads system in action not just a blog post.

Every thing there is true expect it is an old video. Ads are available on release,and the rest

When you say ads are available on release, you mean when brave will reach v1.0 ? or on the stable branch and not only dev ?

I did all that’s said in this video except for the dev branch, I’m using the stable version, is that why I don’t have ads notifications ? Except for ads, I tested and I can see other notifications from this forum or other sites/extensions for exemple.

no I mean current release version

Ok, that’s what I’ve installed then, everything is activated, but I don’t get any notifications,

Please see the following thread/Help Center docs for more information on how Ads work and then let me know if you still need assistance:

Thanks, it was very helpful,
I guess I didn’t saw any ads because nothing matched then.

That’s just a suggestion, but maybe you should add a button to send a test ad, just to see if everything is configured well (since it’s possible to see nothing, you can’t be sure if it’s working but there’s no ads for you, or if it’s just not working).
And saying that you won’t always get ads if nothing is found on that test ad, because it wasn’t clear to me, maybe I didn’t read everything carefully and missed it.

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Hello, I’ve followed the steps I could have but I can’t find Brave in the “Get notification from these senders” tab in the settings. What could I do to get it to show up there?

Try re-running the Brave installer (you can re-download it here if you’ve deleted it) – this can sometimes put missing files back where they need to be. Let me know if this works for you.