Rewards for ad watching

it looks that since today (or a couple of days) I am able to watch ads in Brave beta. I regularly get a popup to view websites. I tried this, but I cannot see what happens next. Did I earn rewards for that or not? Is my assumption correct that ads can be viewed?
I also remarked that a couple of improvements are installed in Rewards. That’s great!


Hi @Herman_N,
Did you sure you’re using Brave Beta (0.59.x) and not Brave Dev (0.60.x)?

Brave just released a preview of Brave Ads for Brave Dev users.

From the blog post

but does not yet include advertiser confirmation or user payment for ad views.


Hi @eljuno,

thanks for the quick response. Yes I am really sure that I use Brave Beta. That is my default browser. I checked it after your message and this is what is showed (in dutch):
Versie 0.59.25 Chromium: 72.0.3626.53 (Officiële build) beta (64-bits)

The whole day I see popups coming into my screen richt below. I clicked some and watched. And that was it.
I also had switched off ‘Rewards for non-verified websites’ long ago. In Brave 0.58 I saw all websites that I visited. In Brave beta I only see the verified websites which is according to my expectation. So that’s a great improvement.

Hope it is clear for you.

Last few hours it seems that there are no ads shown. But this afternoon (CET) I received lots popups per hour.

@eljuno. Maybe 0.60.x was running in the background. I will follow next days whether this issue returns or not.

Thanks for the info @Herman_N.

Can you share a screenshot of your Brave Ads setting on brave://rewards? Did you have Brave Ads enabled there?

cc @kamil @sriram @Mattches
I’m not sure if it’s expected (re: Brave Ads showing on Beta). Just heard that @vikingkarwur also see Brave Ads shown on Beta (macOS).

Hi @eljuno,
herewith the requested screenshot. Hope it’s of for you. I will not start Brave Dev in the next days and check if new ads popup or not. I will keep you informed.

Best regards,

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Hi @eljuno

herewith the ultimate confirmation. I have Brave beta running at Windows 10. I just received an ad popup. See screemshot. Or isn’t this an ad popup? Brave Dev is NOT running (didn’t start it manually and checked this in task manager for all security).

Hope it helps you.

Best regards,

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Just to clear this up - Yes, Brave Ads are available to view on Dev and Beta. If you already have Rewards enabled, all you have to do is enable Ads to start viewing them ( Rewards Icon --> Rewards Settings --> Brave Ads).

Note that right now, while we’re still testing the feature, you won’t actually be accruing any BAT. Not yet anyway. Once the feature is fully shipped everyone will be compensated as intended for participating in the Brave Ads program.


Thanks @Mattches for the clear explanation. I will follow further developments. For me it’s important to know what is life and in development since I am trainer for ‘Blockchain and Digital Marketing’. I use Brave as example for future marketing business.


My pleasure!
Please don’t hesitate to create a new topic if you have any further questions or concerns.

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