No Rewards, Logged out of Gemini

So I still have not received my rewards, I am no longer getting ads and now I see this:
When I try to log back in by clicking there, I get this:

Eventually it goes to this:

I was told by an admin that Rewards are still processing even after making it clear that I was linked with Gemini (

At quite a loss here.

If that’s the case, need to contact @Mattches and @steeven explaining you’re using Gemini and have not yet received your payment. Also provide for them your Wallet Info that you find at brave://rewards-internals so they can look into it. Make sure you do all of that via DM and not as a post here, as they use DM as tickets but also that information should not be shared publicly if possible.

That happens to us all after certain amount of days. All you generally have to do is click on it and Log In again. That said, there seems to be issues that are being investigated now in terms of that connection.

Just so you know, what you’re seeing there is not whether Brave is connected and able to send to your Gemini account, but instead just are logged out from where it shows your balance. Once connected, Brave and Gemini stay connected until either place decides to cut off the other. Even if you went to Rewards and Disconnect, it wouldn’t remove it but instead would just log you out from seeing your balance.

That’s because they are still processing things. Even though the bulk of things processing are with Uphold, they like to wait until their system had completed all payments with ALL places before they look into anything for the current month. This is because even though it shows that Brave sent out payments, it still might be in transition. There have even been people from Gemini lately who are just now receiving payments.

That’s a typo that I’m not sure why they don’t fix. Uphold should be the one in red and Gemini in green. But they’ve left it that way since updating it last week. But with how people have said just received Gemini yesterday and all, it might not be too wrong either.

First off, thank you for the prompt response.
I have done as you said here 2 days ago, I followed the “Unofficial” FAQ you posted actually.
I would have explained my plight further to @steeven, but he closed my thread. I will attempt to DM them again tomorrow.
I appreciate all the information you have provided here, it has helped me and I am sure it will help others too.
Have a great day!

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Yeah, he tends to be quick to close topics from people posting about payouts while they are still ongoing. This is because they can’t really do anything about it until everything completes. So sending will at least get the info he needs to look into it, but just be aware he may not dive in right away because they do have things processing. In the meanwhile, attention is kind of being focused on anyone having issues from prior months and all.

I can assure you it’s not meant in a negative way, though I do understand it can be very infuriating when it happens. The purpose of trying to lock those things is if they don’t, there gets to be a lot of “me too” replies and tons of people tagging them. Then those new notifications pile up and the ones who have had issues longer get drowned out. It’s a pain in the butt, it really is.

I fully understand.
I will give it a few days, no point adding more to the pile. Do you have any insight as to why I would not be getting ads?

@tsepash There’s a long list of things that can cause issues. I kind of tossed a bunch of it together under What are things that can interfere with Brave Rewards? at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers if you want to check all of that.

I guess one of the bigger things I’d ask is if you made any changes on your device lately? Also, have you used a VPN or Proxy server? A lot of times issues we see are from people using those or changing their language/region on their device, as it gets flagged as if they are trying to bypass regional ad restrictions. Doesn’t mean it’s what happened with you, just is what I am starting to see as the more common reason.

I have not received a single ad in months! I had tech support help me and she said I would be getting them but never did

I have made no changes. I don’t use a VPN and I never have. I will see how things go.

We have the same exact issue. I was able to receive rewards before. But within the last two months, the wallet connection issue has persisted.

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