No rewards and no "ads seen" in history despite receiving many ads

I see many ads displayed when opening a new tab.
However for several months I don’t get any reward, and the ad history shows no ads received
I am connected with the uphold wallet

Version 1.36.111 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Very strange.

Do you use a VPN?

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No I don’t ! It used to work properly, stopped working starting 2022. Maybe I can mention that I moved back geographically from the US to Europe

That likely would be the issue. Did you make sure to change your system info around?

What we typically see happen as the cause when people see ads but don’t get the BAT is that they are in one region but viewing the ads from another. So if your device’s Locale says you’re in Europe but your IP address say you’re in US, then it likely would be showing you ads from Europe but then it wouldn’t be able to count because you’re in US and can only view ads from your region. Since the advertiser paid for someone in Europe to see the ad, they can’t pay US for it…if that makes sense.

So you’ll need to make sure IP address and your device Locale match. Also the thing to watch after is if you stop seeing ads or the problem isn’t fixed after, as it might have flag you after a while thinking you’re trying to bypass their ad restrictions. If that happens, you’ll need to contact staff with your Wallet Info and all, which I talk about in the FAQ at -Retired- PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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Oh, to clarify, when I saw Locale, if you’re on Windows you need to go to Region Settings and make sure it’s adjusted. This is what’s called your Locale.

Also, if you want to clarify things, go to brave:rewards-internals and then click on Ad Diagnostics. It should show what locale/region they have you as for ads, then you want to make sure that’s what your IP address and other things say as well. If not, then you’ll have an issue.

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I think you got the issue right, thanks !

in ad diagnostics, I have Locale: en-US
In windows though, my region is correctly set to France
My IP address is French for sure, just double-checked it online

My language setting on windows was en-US, maybe this was the issue.
I changed it back to France then viewed an ad, but I still don’t see the ad history updating

in ad diagnostics, problem seems solved: Locale: fr-FR

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@xoxo Okay, so hopefully it will pick back up and be fine. But keep in mind it may have flagged as I mentioned. You’ll have to watch over the next couple days. If you don’t see any improvement, send a DM to steeven or Mattches with your Wallet Info and a brief explanation of your issue.

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