No Brave ads after switching over to a new machine

Hi All,

I was using an old laptop in which brave browser and uphold account was active, and was receiving BAT for ads regularly every month.

Now, I have got a new laptop in which I had installed and integrated my uphold account. Even after linking I am not receiving any ads as of now. Reinstalled the browser, re-logged into my uphold account multiple times, tried restore option, reset option. Nothing seems to work.

Also, when went back and saw my old laptop the brave account got disconnected from my uphold account. I am not in need of my old system, so how can bring back the ads in my NEW laptop?

Appreciate any solution.

If it´s a new laptop and you are sure everything is configured correctly, check your PC region. Sometimes when a pc is imported from another country or maybe when the OS was installed the region might be set to other regions besides yours. For example a user here came up with similar problem, he bught a new pc, he was from argentina, and guess what, the PC said it was from afganistan.

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Yes, the laptop is from USA but using it in India. So, what should I do now? I have set GMT and region as India only.

Now, I have sync date and time to India. Region is set to India.

Waiting for your reply.

The proper thing to do is set it to india (while you are there). This due to the server checks where are you, if you pc says that you are from other region the server will deny some petitions because it may think you are chetting.

Region is set to India, GMT is set as +5.30. But still not working

So, you are still receiving ads on your old laptop?

Probably you are under the effects of “july bug”:

No, That browser is showing as “Wallet disconnected” status.

I am no longer receiving any ads even adjusting the frequency. Wallet is connected but nothing is happening.

Try having the latest version, if you have it already and same situation, create a new profile and see if in the new one you receive ads.

Disconnected my Uphold wallet, even after that ads are not appearing. Will Uninstall it completely and reinstall it.

Reinstalled the browser after clearing everything but still I am not seeing any ads. I have not connected my wallet to uphold yet.

Not even a single ad is appearing now.

Is not official but you can try this:

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Did what you said. Nothing happened bud though thanks for the support.

I have attached my clock screenshot, do you think synchronization has to do something with the ads?
I synchronized the time but again it is going back or lagging behind the actual GMT for India.

maybe, but AFAIK the only thing that server checks is that your region and IP match your current location.

Okay, i believe both are assigned to India and Indian IP address, so not sure what might be the issue. Also, when i opened my old laptop today ads were appearing promptly as soon as opened the browser.

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