Ask about referral rewards?

If I invite a friend to download and use the brave browser for 30 days. But if they don’t verify their identity with Uphold, will I receive money from that referral?
Because they don’t know cryptocurrencies. So they can only use the brave browser for 30 days.
Please help me this problem, thanks a lot.

Yes you will receive the reward, just for bringing new users who will use Brave browser at least for 30 days. They dont have to do KYC thing.

Thank you. But today I still haven’t received the referral reward. Can you tell me why? The people I invite to use are my friends and colleagues. So I know the day they download and use it is February 7, 2020.

February had just 29 days, so thats the reason :slight_smile: . You should get BAT credited tomorrow or a day after.

Oh yes I understand. Thank you. I’ll be a little more patient :slight_smile: hihi Hope 3 in the next day I will get my reward. one more time thank you very much

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