Referral Eligibility

Hi Team Brave,
Does the referral system still on going? If so, If someone download your referral link, does that mean you will earn referral amount immediately or do they still need to use for certain days before you will earn it?


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Yes, the referral system is still going on and the person who installed with your referral should use the browser at least one month. Then you are eligible to get the rewards.


Hi Rohit552,
Thanks, Other question, supposing I download the brave software in our office using my referral but I will use my same account, is that considered referral?


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Haan absolutely it comes under the referral. Where ever you download, install and use it for atleast 1 month you will be awarded with referral bonus.


How about this? I already received my Ads Rewards, but under my referral, those 7 people are not yet confirmed. Is it mandatory that they need to use the browser literally 30 days?

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Yap, that’s a concern . Are we going to receive the referral even it is not confirmed?

My Point here is, it’s already September my Referrals are installed last August 6 i think, is there a possibility that it will be confirm? I’ve already receive my Ads reward because it’s already 1 month passed but the referral is not yet confirmed?

Wait till 6th of Sep then. We can ask help @steeven regarding this, if you still get any confirmations after 6th of Sep.

Attaching your email id.

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I think the bat from 1-8th of the month is freeze because they prepare for payout. After payout time all bat will be okay again

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