Couple question about referrals


Hi ,i have couple question about referrals,

1-I am not a content creator but i have nice telegram(200-400 active user) group, and i want to promote brave browser so i connected my youtube channel just for generate download referral link,is this cause me a problem because there is no content on that youtube channel?

2-i downloaded installer from my own link then upload to cloud for create “direct download link”,if people download from link and install it , can this count as a referral

3-i dont know is this work,because of that i dont want do kyc on question is if this work can i do kyc after some confirmed referral


A question about tipping


You may use your YouTube account (in spite of having no content). If this causes any issues in the future, please make sure to inform the Support Agent that your referrals originated not on YouTube, but from another source (e.g. Telegram).

Please do not attempt to circumvent the referral system by self-hosting Brave executables. If you wish to receive proper attribution, use your referral link directly and send your users to the Brave website for their downloads.

You will need to KYC with Uphold in order to receive referral rewards.

I hope this helps,


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