Can't import Firefox passwords

Version 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)
only shows Edge and IE options for import of passwords. Bookmarks can come via HTML, but NOT passwords.

Earlier “similar” topics not relevant.

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in firefox you can export your passwords to a file csv, then in brave you can import this csv file.

Sorry, but I cannot find anything in brave settings about importing .csv file. In fact, I cannot find anything abot firefox. Is there a hidden switch somewhere (in flags, maybe) to turn on an option?

I’m not sure in there are special settings to enable, I don’t remember changing any flag.

try this:

in firefox open settings page, and in the text field at the top of the screen write “password”. among the hightlighted objects look for “saved logins” and click on it. in the top right corner click on the three dots and select “export logins”. this will create the csv file.

in brave open settings pag, then click on the lens in the top right corner, and write “password”. in the highlighted objects click on “password”. in the password section click on the first three dots (near the top of the page, and before the list of all passwords) and click “import”. this will import the file of the password from firefox.

Thanks for that. It worked perfectly.

Don’t forget to delete the CSV file after.

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