Password management

Hello, i was importing all my life from Opera to Brave so i tried to import my passwords too so i went to opera and exported my passwords in a .csv file but couldnt find any “import” option in Brave… even tho it looks kinda like a rip off from the opera options menu, or maybe the theme option import its just too damn impressive. Maybe i didnt look well enough for the password import option? idk. but it would be nice if there is an option to import just as there is the export option…

@Makoret you can try to use the built-in Import Bookmarks and settings feature to import your browser data from other browser.

If for any reason this is unsuccessful:

  1. In Brave, go to brave://flags
  2. Search for a flag titled #PasswordImport and enable it
  3. Relaunch your browser when prompted
  4. Open Chrome, go to Menu --> Settings --> Passwords --> More icon --> Export and export your passwords as a .csv file.
  5. Return to Brave, Menu --> Settings --> Passwords --> More icon --> Import and select the [name of your Chrome passwords].csv file and import them.

Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

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thank u so much, i had to enable that option! :disappointed: