No notification sounds (Mac)

Facing this issue too which was never solved. Please advise.

I can’t get my notifications to play with sound. I’ve enabled “play sound for notifications” in Mac OS for both Brave entries. I’ve also allowed notifications and sound for the specific website. I’ve tried multiple websites and none of them will play sound for the notifications. All other notification sounds for other apps on my computer work without issue. What can I do to get noti alert sounds on Brave?

Could you do the test at

If that works let us know.

I tried that and got notifications with no sound. Same page in Firefox produces a sound. Notification settings are the same for both browsers and include sounds. Thanks!

I am not a Mac User so don’t know the exact settings but I’ll try helping.
Could you try the same test Page in a private window?
If that works it’s probably some extension or bad cookies interfering.
Remove extensions and cookies to see if that helps.

Private window does not allow me to enable notifications. Maybe that’s a Brave feature?

Switch becomes orange after pressing

Could you try in a new profile ?

Tried it. No change, still getting silent notifications.

I guess, better to tag someone from the team. @Mattches could you try helping ? thanks!!

Looking into this now.
I think this may be a Chromium issue as I can get Firefox to play notifications sounds on my macOS without any issue, but can’t get the sound to play in Brave, Chrome or any other Chromium based browser.

@Dan99 — can you please go to Notifications & Settings on your macOS and click on Brave and share a screenshot of how the settings look here, just to double check? Further, would you be able to test the behavior in Chrome or another Chromium based browser (Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium, for example) and tell me whether or not sound plays when a notification pops up in those browsers?

You are correct. Chrome notifications are also silent but Firerox notifications make a sound. Here are the settings:


I’m not getting any notification sounds either

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