Notifications have no alert sound

I can’t get my notifications to play with sound. I’ve enabled “play sound for notifications” in Mac OS for both Brave entries (having two is apparently normal). I’ve also allowed notifications and sound for the specific website. I’ve tried multiple websites and none of them will play sound for the notifications. All other notification sounds for other apps on my computer work without issue. What can I do to get noti alert sounds on Brave?

**Brave Version 1.42.97. Mac OS Monterey 12.5.1. **

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I have the exact same issue. No sound with notification banners or alerts. I get normal alert sounds with Safari and Firefox, but not with Brave.

I also tried the Brave Push Notification Test and got the same result. The alert banner appears, but no sound.

Push Notification Test

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I have searched this issue on the forum and noticed that previous issues have also received no response. Is this a bug? If so, please fix!

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