No, my profile CANNOT possibly be "flagged"

I don’t transfer BATs, I don’t buy or sell them, I just collect them. I don’t click on the ads, I just let them appear in the bottom right corner. I don’t have any other brave rewards linked with this one, in any other device.

I don’t even use uphold except to check from time to time my BATs and to reconnect brave to Uphold, since they loose the connection from time to time. I don’t use any other wallet (not even Brave’s), or other brokers like uphold.

So as you can see, your “fraud detection” algorithm sucks, since that, for me to be flagged, I just have to basically exist and have a profile. That’s it.

So I hope I can get access to my BATs again --oh yes I forgot to mention, I lost access to them, I can’t even see how much I have-- and that I “pass” your flagging tests, whatever those are, otherwise I’ll be immensely p*ssed

Windows 10,
Brave 1.56.11
Custodian: Uphold
Region: Portugal (and no I didn’t travel recently)


I got flagged after using it the same way for 3 years.

I get around 2 BAT per month (big joke if they consider my behavior as fraud)

Now it seem many peoples get flagged and they doesn’t care, let stop using Brave, it’s not much better than Mozilla or other one


Follow steps at How to get help from Brave support and sharing Ticket IDs


Like me, I literally did nothing for this to happen, and yet it did, and I don’t know for how long since only yesterday I checked my status and saw that Brave was again disconnected from uphold. When trying to reconnect, that st*pid warning appeared (the word s t u p i d
isn’t allowed, brave? Seriously? My, aren’t we sensitive…).
Anyway I haven’t received rewards for some time, so it isn’t recent.

I would like tio keep using brave, it’s light, good at blocking, has anti browser fingertprinting measures. Mozilla is a direct attack on your privacy, and too cudly with Soros and Open Society for my taste. But there are others


I already created a ticket, but I didn’t know I had to post the ticket number on that thread. Thanks

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By the way, when I said I can’t access my BAT, that seems to be only partially true: I can’t access them in Brave, but I see them in uphold, which is working fine.
But my reward profile in Brave is flagged, and I’m not getting any ‘dough’…

Well, Oops. The team locked it since they think most of the tickets have been answered now. You can share the ticket id here.

You don’t have to. That was something I had done last month and then SmartyAadi copied for this month, while Support was a bit behind on tickets. It just kind of duplicated things and help make sure nobody got missed. My intent when I first created was that people would reply to advise when they were helped or whatever. But unfortunately, people never follow up.

In any case, Support is back on track overall for tickets. Response time will vary but usually is within 3-5 business days, give or take.

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Yes, minutes later when I was about to share my ID there, the thread was closed lol

My ticket ID is 210502.

Good to know, thanks. I went through my emails and noticed that it’s the second time this happened to me, I just didn’t remember the 1st one, which by the way happened after I restored 3 older files from Brave to restore my passwords, emptied by Brave password manager after I reseted my windows password, for some reason…

same, and you won’t get any help from support, just the same shitty reply they give to everyone that you will remain flagged


Brave you can help you just go to support

Please if someone free help me how can I make money or rewards strong text :blush:

I gave up with support tbh as it was the same rinse and repeat reply, I even offered up the reason of moving countries so the advert frequency had increased but no joy.

Ah well was donating them anyway so no great shakes but disappointed after going through the aggro of authenticating the account.

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My G-d when is Brave going to fix this? Its algorithm has run amok, bouncing people out of the program for no reason. Now I’m worried I’m next.

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Well, they resolved it, fortunately. I asked what happen, what caused that to happen, since I did literally nothing, and am waiting for a reply.

Anyway, whenever this happens to anyone, just create a ticket, enter all the information they ask in the ticket (nothing personal), tell what happened, answer their remaining questions, and wait.

Policy is never to specifically say what caused it. So if you’re hoping for that info, you won’t get it. About the closest you’ll get is PSA: Current Rewards Issues (June 2023) *UPDATED*.

The system looks for unusual behavior. Antifraud doesn’t specify more than that because they don’t want to give any clues on what it might be looking for. Also flags are randomly delayed, so you have no way of testing to see what particular activity gets you flagged. Only thing to know is it sees behaviors or types of patterns that is “irregular” and flags for Brave to investigate. People make tickets and it’s investigated, then decisions are made.

Well, I guess it makes sense.
But since I haven’t done anything, their methods are seriously on overdrive.
Unless checking in Brave like every 3 months my balance, and then having to reconnect uphold is suspicious. Well, maybe they shouldn’t disconnect me in the 1st place.

Also I don’t think is there any problem accessing a vpn though very rarely, to visit a video blocked by country (proton VPN if you want to know). I mean, I’m not obliged to pay for Brave’s own VPN

So, what are your thoughts on DuckDuckGo as browser?

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That is to make sure that the device is still active and also for your own security.