Everyone - please read this!

I wrote a thread on the subject “flagged rewards accounts, cannot verify”, that got some attention from others who have been flagged, and been so for almost a year.When flagged, Brave writes “you dont have to do anything, our staff will look into it shortly”, but when I finally got enough, and made contact regarding my flagged account - after 6 months, they reply that YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION, but they are not at all willing to receive that information. If I write to any Brave email, I get the response that this email is not used for that purpose. And they refuse to pass it on internally within Brave. Neither does Brave tell you what you have done to get flagged, in my case, I am just a normal person with average surfing and not at all a high number of $ in rewards. It seems they dont want you to contact them about this issue, and therefore refuses talking about the subject in any of their emails.

I posted these emails from Brave as proof in the thread, and I did not make any accusations or lies or anything like that. But they deleted my thread when people got engaged.

I have photos of the entire thread, before it got deleted entirely.

This to me, suggest that Brave doesnt want the mayority of users to know about these rewards flaggings. One who replied to the thread ment that they do this to keep the BAT (rewards) for themself, and has no intention in un-flagging accounts.

Really, the proof of this, must be that there is no threads of people who got reward-accounts re-opened after being flagged. What does that tell you?

I bet you even this thread will be deleted very soon cause im sheding light to this issue.

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Sorry you’re having some troubles with Rewards.

Happy to take a look at your wallet/situation for you if you’d like to send me a DM with your wallet payment ID (found on your brave://rewards-interals page). Or, if you’ve already submitted a ticket to us via our Help Center form, please send me a DM with the email you used to submit it.

Thank you.

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