No, my profile CANNOT possibly be "flagged"

Never tried it. It wouldn’t be my 1st choice though.

I know, so, it can’t be it, really. In fact, it can’t be anything, I just use Brave as a browser, I’ve never even take the BATs to a private wallet, I just leave them in Brave/uphold – Not a good (cripto) practice by the way, but I only have a small amount of BAT, so…

I am having same issue. Things like these makes me feel like bat project is more of scam. Now I’m getting ads also on YouTube and websites.

It’s just first year when they do what users feel good about and then they take it slowly from you.

Quality is ongoing process learn from apple.

I got flagged on 17 July 2023 with no reason and while after messaging them that why they are not sending me the payouts for last 2 months ,they replied the account has been flagged, my account had been found flagged on 17ty July and they have stopped they payout before 2 month of that (from may month), what a joke. After messaging this they aren’t even replying.


Me too. I don’t have any intention of breaking the rules, but evidently I did. I have been flagged for months now. I opened two tickets and I posted my ticket numbers. Nothing has happened.

Pretty frustrating! At least I’m not the only one. They really need to fix this or people will leave.


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I’m flagged also and just like you, I have never ever done ANY transaction to the BATs I used to get. It’s been months now that the amount they say will deposit doesn’t show in the Uphold account.
The message said I didn’t have to take any action so I never raised a ticket. Please let me know if by raising a ticket your issue gets fixed. I’ll do the same if you have a positive experience.

I have Brave installed on multiple devices, some of which I don’t use regularly. The ones I don’t use regularly are usually the ones that get flagged. (My Kindle tablet has been flagged for a long time.)

The only reason I enabled ads was to support Brave. I later joined Gemini so the BAT from all my devices would be aggregated in one place. (My reward for joining Gemini was getting my brand new clean email address hacked, and now getting cluttered with spam.)

Creating tickets to get my browsers un-flagged is too much trouble. It’s much easier to just disable ads.

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I made a simple step-by-step for those who got flagged. I was in the same boat too!


Open a ticket. Sometimes they can take several days to answer, have patience, if it doesn’t work, open another ticket

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