How if flagging my account useful to anyone

I couldn’t validate my account todays. Rewards stopped. Can’t verify with uphold. No technical explanation given, Just wait and maybe it will re validate.

I fail to see how this is a functional business model. And to me it makes everything about brave and uphold look sort of amateur and sketchy.

I wasn’t even paying attention to the BAT process that much after reading all the comments about people have difficulty with it.

What would be helpful is a description of why the flag occurred. Must be some reason. A persons imagination will assume the worst in most cases. That would be that the Brave browser is not secure not safe to use. And given the failures to respond to technical issues by the Brave devs I would guess that the browser is lagging in development. Just from a pedestrian retail view that is what it looks like without any proactive support from Brave.

A company with flagging support shouldn’t be flagging any accounts unless there is a real serious issue. They are making work for themselves they don’t need to do.

Flagging is useful because there are MANY people who are violating terms and trying to scam Brave out of BAT. Having a system which flags accounts that have suspicious activity is quite healthy and normal. Keep in mind Brave Rewards is not a job or a guaranteed source of income.

Usually accounts that get flagged had used VPN or Proxy servers to try to bypass ad restrictions, changed Brave folder information, use fradulent accounts, attempt to manipulate balances, etc. For example, people with 15-30+ devices set to “farm” BAT the entire day, all on the same IP address. Or people who are in some random country but try to spoof things to look like they are in the United States to view more ads. The list goes on. As to fraudulent accounts and all, not sure if you’ve ever seen where people shared about it, such as at Some Fraudsters Buying and selling Gemini and Uphold accounts for BAT token withdrawal

For what? To let people know exactly what’s being monitored so those doing wrong will know how to circumvent it? It’s like, “oh yeah, there’s a camera hidden in the mirror.” Then the people who get caught is like, “cool, next time I’ll have someone stand there to block the view.”

Brave used to tell people more. Yet they learned that the more they explain, the more information fraudulent users (of which there are many ) learn and, subsequently, are able to more successfully game the system. This is why they don’t tell users the exact reasons their wallets were flagged, or a Creators account was suspended.

They haven’t failed to respond to anything. There are a lot of people who make some wrong assumptions. See, if you want support you have to create a Ticket in the right place. Whether it be getting direct customer support by submitting a Support Ticket, reporting a technical issue to developers at Github by navigating to the correct repository and then submitting a New Issue, or whatever else.

You’re right, too many people like to create Topics here to complain. Or even worse, they comment/post on a Topic someone else created to do a “me too.” In the meanwhile, NONE OF THEM open up tickets or contact staff as they are supposed to do. This is a community page. Yes, staff goes through things here and try to help,. but you’re not guaranteed that they will see what you say or respond. So their failure to open support tickets results in them not having a response. Kind of common sense, right?

It’s kind of like saying someone never answers the phone, but you’ve never actually called them.

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Thanks for the quick response. A VPN is a normal desktop process. It’s customer centric. I was generating maybe 2 BAT a month which I never paid much attention to. I don’t even really know how the BAT account works between my and my desktop account.

The cynicism of the wide net where customers are mostly dishonest bat stealers who deserve no attention is a business process. You’ll catch and offend all the innocent people. I don’t have a good solution for you as I ran a large firewall once and it was a choice of manual edits or buying the latest tool that was a big net tool. Always some errors that needed to be adjusted for. Always someone unhappy at that level of traffic.

However my brave and bat footprints are insignificant. Most of my ad viewing is on which Brave doesn’t support. So I used Brave for blog browsing and searches mostly. Sometimes I see a lot of Brave ads, sometimes I see none. I have no idea why.

The Brave tech support is inadequate as are most community supported forums. There is a paucity of local experts. Microsoft is probably the only org that has a successful forum support system that can escalate into its paid process. That is versus a straight Zendesk thing or a community only thing.

I just notice the difference as I move through the brave forums. I’d suggest your flagging system needs some authentication attached to it. Same problem elon has with twitter. Attach to the PI network which does a KYC validation and seems robust.

but enough of me using your time. Thanks for the response. I’m always trying to learn a new browser and avoid all the tracking. I’ll probably move on to palemoon now and see if that works better for me.

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Yeah, but the catch is that ads are generated based on your IP address and device settings. Basically they try to verify your location through multiple processes. VPN in itself isn’t an issue. The problem is when someone uses it to appear in a different region. Keep in mind that advertisers are paying to target particular regions. So they need Users are least keeping a bit static on that. So if having to appear in a different country/region, just turn off ads during that time period.

I’m not even sure what percentage it would be. As someone who has spent a lot of time here on Brave Community and various place around Reddit, I can tell you that you’d be amazed how many are misuing. In fact, just had people complaining because they got a wallet limit notice after trying to connect more than 15 devices. Had another not long ago who was mad they don’t allow Rewards on Android custom ROM and emulators.

So it’s challenging because they do have to find a balance between preventing people from abusing the system and trying to keep things open to those doing right. Overall it works better than some may think. But it’s also far from perfect.

You know you don’t get paid for ads you actually see online, right? The payments are from notifications that Brave sends on your device. No clicking necessary or anything, you just allow the notifications to generate. If you had those notifications disabled then wouldn’t be getting many ads except for maybe your New Tab ones.

Kind of. They have a decent amount of people but the issue is they have them mainly focusing on projects. The paucity is in terms of their customer service, where there are roughly 3 people that handle all issues. Steeven and Mattches had been primary here, Chris Miyayes (Chriscat) on Reddit and Github, SaltyBanana here on occasion and overall Twitter. Then you had other random people who would pop in, especially with specific areas of issues.

Brave is still new enough though, founded in 2015. Really started getting things moving and well known from 2018 onward. Comparing that to other businesses that have been around for a while and you’re right, it’s quite small. Unfortunately their revenue and staff is miniscule compared to something such as Microsoft. You’d be comparing 181,000 employees to roughly 198 employees. Factor in responses and all, Brave is doing a great job. I do agree though, they need to hire more and do more on a customer service side.

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That was very well said Saoiray!

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