No longer receiving ads (original title)

Yes I am using a VPN.
I have not received any new ads for many months.

How can I get ads to show again even though I use a VPN?


Interested in the answer as I browse some profiles using VPN only and without VPN it’s fine so far.

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Should I expect an answer to this, or is this forum just a place where people can go to complain how the Brave Browser doesn’t work correctly, and then move on.


There’s more than 900 posts per day with various issues, suggestions, etc. In addition, they get LOTS of messages and are tagged in posts as well, which leaves them with hundreds of things to read, respond, and attempt to solve. I understand you often want faster responses, but they don’t have a lot of employees and they are only human, so limited on what they can do. Sometimes you get other users who try to help, but it’s still having to be patient.

As to your question, they’ve shared articles about it if you’d have taken your time to search through the forums. The issue with VPN tends to be that the Locale (your computers location/time zone) need to match with the IP address that you have. So if you’re in Florida and you hit a VPN in Costa Rica, you not only would need to have it with Costa Rica but you’d have to make sure that the zones match as well (since there’s multiple time zones). Or if you’re in Florida and your VPN says you’re in California, then you need to make sure that your computer also says you’re in California.

But there are a lot of other issues that can stop you from seeing ads.

I was wondering when I would get a response like yours. defending the honor of the mods. good for you. Telling me to read thru 900 posts on the off chance I find one that assures me a working solution to the issue.
Posting in a forum like this is a last resort, because like you, I am fully aware providing support for a product is not a priority.

Maybe this support forum should be indexed in such a way that answers can be found.

What prevents there from being a clear answer to this question that is repeated multiple times a day in this forum?

So you believe that if I change my vpn to the same State that I live in, I will automatically start getting ad notifications again.
Do you have a link to that support article, in the FAQ perhaps?

Do you think someone searching this forum, who found this thread, would find it useful or reassuring in helping them resolve their issue with not receiving ads?
They have to read thru paragraphs of your White Knight response before getting to anything helpful. Personally I read the first few lines, then move on to the next search result, until I give up.

@nyltak I actually made a long post yesterday I think it was. And I provided a variety of links to official comments and post regarding some of these. If you would like to check out that post I did link to where you can see their responses on GitHub as well as a few other places which do talk about things like the VPN as well. Which I even found that GitHub link by searching through these forms as well. Maybe that will be a nice little start for you.

As to the VPN, I didn’t say it has to be the same state but it does have to be the same time zone as your IP address and everything. I’m actually in the middle of something right now so I’m just doing a quick voice to text response from my phone. But I hope you will check out the link that I’ve provided and then even follow the mini links that was included in that which might help you to understand a little bit more some of the troubleshooting stops and things that can interfere with ads.

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And that would be why you’re having a hard time. Sometimes it takes a little maturity and effort to find results.

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