No gemeini option for mobile brave browser

I have synced my 2 laptops and a mobile

When i use my brave browser on laptop, i earn rewards and at the end of the month it goes to my Gemini wallet as i have connected that

But when i come to mobile, i can not see option of Gemini wallet. But only the option for uphold.

So do i have to have a separate wallet for mobile and laptop?

Or is it different wallet for each device? ( Like 1 uphold for mobile, 1 Gemini for laptop1 and
another Gemini for laptop2)

can anyone help me understand this please?

Yes, You need to have two separate wallets for your android device and laptop.

Tip :slight_smile:
Don’t link too many device with single wallet they will flag your wallet and they will not give you any BAT

i see. thanks for the info. i will keep that in mind, wasn’t aware of

you can link you gemini wallet on mobile with version 1.38

that’s interesting. however there is no option to update the brave browser for now on google pixel 4a with android 12.
i checked this in browser about section as well as in playstore and both locations don’t show any options for now.
is there any other way to get that updated?

I think i also be loosing my this month’s rewards as uphold is shittttt as it allows me to create a wallet only after having 2 BATs which i have for previous month but not for this month and hence it is not allowing me to create a wallet. and as far as i understand, if i don’t have wallet linked my earning for this month will be lost in cyber space.

If gemeini is the option i would definitely vouch for it.

Why would they flag it when they allow you to have 4/5 devices synched?

Okay now i see for getting version 1.38 i jave to use brave browser beta version which is different application than regular

But unfortunately the problem still exists as i can not transfer existing BAT earning from previous month to new brave browser beta in anyway

Does anyone know any way which i might be missing to transfer BAT from brave browser to brave browser beta?

Why you dont wait until next month there the version 1.38 should be released for the normal release version

But in that case won’t i loose my last month earnings as there is no wallet linked to my existing mobile browser?

Because as far as i understand your rewards will be lost in space if you don’t have wallet linked to collect them. This is where my confusion lies actually.

I am perfectly alright to wait till next month to get over brave browser 1.38 for mobile if my BAT rewards are preserved somewhere by that time.

I am using brave without verified wallet now for over 1 year, after gemini is available i will verify it and then this bats will transfered to gemini.

There is a virtual wallet where your bats are stored evrey month after you claimed it

ahhhhh i see. Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t aware of this and all my confusion was around that.
Now I am good to wait till brave 1.38 gets released on mobile version to make them transfer into gemini.
Thanks a ton buddy. Appreciate a lot.

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