Any Sync or Interlink between Brave PC and Brave Android

So guys I am using Brave on my 2 laptops and 1 android phone. So it’s probably a very silly question but help this brother out. So I don’t see any sync option as of now (like in chrome you use your gmail account to create a profile kind of thing) which allows you to use personalized options and such across multiple devices. So my question is

  1. I have 3 brave browser (2 on laptop and 1 on android phone) . So is there any option that I could unify all the settings and accounts synced across each of brave browser

  2. Lets assume I accumulated some XX amount of BAT and I deleted the browser in one of my PC. Will I be losing all the BAT accumulated or is there any way to interlink the other devices like an account or profile

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@cken37 hi dude, sorry but I think you are being a bit lazy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: , go to settings → sync.

Each browser have a separated wallet, each with his respective “pending rewards”. At the moment there’s no way to sync the wallets.
But you can verified your wallet with uphold and link all your wallets with the same account, that way the payment day all the bats will be sent to the same account.

There’s a permanent limit of 4 wallets per uphold account, if you lose access to one them the “slot” will be permanently occupied.

Any more questions?

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