I've received way less BAT that i was supposed to get

I had reached around 3 BAT from the previous month ads.

And know i realize this is not the first time it occured, It happened previously.
I only got 0.43 BAT. Why is this happening?

Edit : Just to clarify, Donation setting is set on “off”. Also, my Crypto wallet is Uphold.


i have the same issue, i dont know whats happening

You don’t have that donation option on, do you? I only got 0.25 for three months, far less than it said I’d earned. I still haven’t been paid for October nor got my 5 free BAT for linking Gemini.

Do you have more than one device connected to your wallet? I’ve noticed every month my payouts have always been done in increments, so it’s possible you haven’t got your full amount yet. I’d wait until the payout update page says everything is complete and contact support for more help.

You can only link Gemini wallets to the PC version. Can’t do it on Android or Chromebooks.

Still possible you haven’t got your full payment, not all payouts have been completed it’s still processing

yes, i have it in my phone and computer. In theory i have to receive BAT’s from both, right?

My last deposit was on October 9 and I got half of what it said I had.

donation option is OFF

Yeah, I think you just have to wait a little more. I got some yesterday and today I got more.

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Have you tried contacting support on this? I’ve never had it as low as half as what I was supposed to get

I have 3.5 on my Chromebook but can’t get it. You can’t connect to Gemini and can’t with Uphold unless you have at least 15 BAT, so that’s like a year away.

You don’t need 15 BAT if you’ve made an Uphold account and verified, I verified myself and got connected within the first month of using Brave.

Nope, not according to my Uphold account. It says so right in the Brave Rewards popup.

Strange, it should work. I don’t have a chromebook so I don’t know what the rewards panel looks like, but on both Windows and Android you can. On Android you can just connect immediately:

Yeah, look at the red text. You can create one, but not verify it.

Verify in this case means an Uphold account that’s been through the KYC process. I took this screenshot from my other phone but I clicked the “continue to login” when I was doing this on my main phone and it worked because I already verified myself with Uphold. Weird.

Trying on my Android phone now, just getting a busy Uphold logo animation.

Brave was blocking the Uphold website. I turned it off and it worked. Still can’t move the BAT.

I think I’ve heard people having that problem before, sometimes Brave Shields has something to do with it. Where’s the BAT showing? In the rewards panel but not in your Uphold?