Verify wallet using gemini on mobile

I would like to be able to link my Gemini wallet on my phone to my brave rewards as I use brave on both my desktop and mobile, however I seem to not have that option on my phone. If it is possible I would like to see that verification method added.

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I too would like to do this.

Same. Most of us I imagine. Gemini is MUCH better than Uphold.

Just wanna make sure that everybody knows that this is something that they already are working on. They announced it last year that it will be coming out in a release anticipated here early in 2022. So you should get your wishes pretty soon. The only challenges not knowing how soon is soon or what they are calling early 2022.

? This apply ? On deck in Github projects.

I guess anyone can only assume “early 2022” can only mean prior to June. So at this stage, anwhere between today and 2 months from now

Fingers crossed as i would really like to be able to link my Gemini to the Browser and start actually earning Rewards

Oh, guess been a bit. They did share available in 1.38. Someone else posted to claim Brave Nightly version is on 1.38 now. So this means if you install that and use it, you might be able to connect to Gemini with Android. But big thing to remember is Nightly is the testing and development version of the app. It can result in data loss and other stuff, so you’d use it at your own risk.

I track things happening overall at where you can see it’s In Progress meaning a team is actively working on it and it’s not far from release to us all. (From there it goes to In Review for additional testing and QA, then it’s added to device and placed at Done).

As for specific info about it, you can see at