Is there a way to change the spell checker in Brave?

I recently read a Lifehacker article that indicated that indicated that Microsoft Edge version 83, now uses WINDOWS SPELLCHECK as opposed to HUNSPELL which is the default spell checker on Chrome. The article goes on to say that you can configure Chrome to use WINDOWS SPELLCHECK instead of or in addition to HUNSPELL. What I was wondering is whether BRAVE had this same capability and what commands would be need to configure this.

Here’s the link to the article:

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You can find that same flag in Brave and enable it – although I haven’t tested it yet. That said:

  1. Navigate to brave://flags in the address bar
  2. Search for spell and you should see two options:
    • Use the Windows OS spell checker
    • Use hybrid spell checking on Windows
  3. The second option uses a combination of both the OS spell check and HUNSPELL that Chrome uses. Set the value of the appropriate flag to Enabled and ensure you relaunch the browser when prompted.

Thank you very much. This was exactly what I needed.


Very happy to help!