Brave continues to block Conservative Sites

Brave is now intermitently but consistently blocking conservative news sites. I have done all the requisite mods to stop this bit still happens. Dr Robert Epstein has proof of how tech does this crap and sadly appears Brave has bought in. When they Block I get error message Try Again later. If you search this issue there is a good post from 2019 that was never resolved, at the time when Epstein said that the mass tech propoganda effort begun. Its inconceivable that all the Conservative sites alone have “technical” or malware issues.

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Can you list examples, please?


100% true. Admittedly the blocking happens intermittently more often then not it occurs. I’ve switched search engines because of it currently giving bing a try. If anyone has other search engine or browser recommendations, I’d love to know them.

Brave has started blocking these sites:

Telephone company:

keeps loading and loading and nothing happens

here happens something strange, Brave redirects to this site:

This has started to happen 2 weeks ago.

That stinks! Would also like alternative browser suggestions. Thanks.

Try Result Hunter Search Engine …

@marcosoyola I think your issue is separate. I can access the first one time, it will display but then it shows the site as “not secure” (which I take to mean unable to open with https://) and stops displaying. Once it did this crazy flicking in the address bar but I couldn’t reproduce. The second site gives me the same results as you. Both work fine in Firefox and are opened with https:// connections.

I think Brave needs to take a look at these. You should probably open a topic in the Browser Support/Web Compatibility category and report this so Brave can look into this issue.

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