1st December Lost my BAT Thread

Hello there,

it is the first of the month again. No, your BATs didnt disappear. I know it says 0! Okay, no. Don´t worry.

This is completely normal. If you have a verified/linked account with Uphold or Gemini, your BATs always disappear from the Brave Rewards Wallet to get calculated and then later send to your linked custodian.
Without a verified walled you will get a “claim reward” button in the rewards panel.

True, it is already the 6th and the BATs still did not arrive.
No need to worry. Usually the BATs arrive from the 8th to the 11th each month.

Yes, I would like to have my BATs on the 2nd each month aswell. But the payment process takes a while. Get used to it.

Thank you. Happy waiting!


I got my bat tokens for Oct 2021 on 11 Nov 2021, but from 1st to 7th of Nov there is a message telling me my bat will be arriving x days, counting down… I saw it today, but now it went missing… what could have happen?

After doing some research and reading alot of same questions, I figured out that BAT rewards in my wallet failed to tranfer to my uphold since oct, I don’t know whom should I contact?

Thanks for clearing it!

You need make a new thread about it. So support can help you with that.

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@panekydemon try sending a dm to steeven

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I see my Brave tells me as much - at least that it’s pending. Thanks for the info!


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I think Brave devs should tweak a little thier design in which, they lay out BAT counter for instance.
months-view-panel so users know what happend more easily otherwise we will be complaining like this.

the fact that one has no verified wallet shall not mean that they have the right to reset all the precious progess.

I tried brave browser out in November (therefore I hadn’t previously recieved any payments) and this morning (December 1st, 2021) after browsing the news, i opened a new tab then the BAT counter dropped to 0.10

Version 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

I hadn’t got it verified neither uphold or gemini, just local brave wallet


supported region?
region 18

SafetyNet check?
I’m using PC

and yes I did manualy turned Auto-contribute off, eventhough I am not linked neither with uphold or gemini.

Great Post! Every month there are issues, but the team here seems to do a great job of taking care of them!

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It’s available on brave://rewards on the right hand side.

Also it would be much informative for new users if Brave can put in some information like “Rewards Counter Resets at the Start of Each Month. And It Can Take Some Time (few hours to few days) for Counters to Show Correct Values/Earnings.” somewhere in the Rewards UI. Maybe in place of banner “X Bat arriving in Y days” for rest of the days when it is not there.

Or maybe both can be shown all the time. Then “X BAT” will continuously fetch values from rewards server and keep updating/following/tracking behind “Current Earnings this Month (Estimated) by some amount”. And “Y days” will vary from 31/30 days to 0 days. @Mattches @steeven

PS: But it would still be tricky between 8th to, say, 11th till payouts are completed for those (most of us) who will receive payout between 8th-11th. So maybe just including additional information somewhere would be good.

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agree the more info the better. and sometimes even repeating the obvious helps, since we all question things sometimes, and as we see here each month usually its the same question from one user or the other every month that are the same. Funny with Gemini how they show up sometimes quickly, sometimes almost a week later then date listed here. and Ill see them in Gemini Dashboard here on brave before they actually are in App account

My BAT tokens disappeared today and so it seems for everyone else.
However, I’m not getting that pending message that my tokens are being deposited…

screenshot taken from brave://rewards
as anyone can see the 1st and 2nd images show now ad or BAT history
but if stare to the 3rd one you’ll notice that I started browsing since November 6th, 2021

4th image taken December 1st, 2021.
where did all the progress go, that I made since November 6th, 2012?

@lfas Have you tried expanding each date in your 3rd image through pointy arrows on the extreme left?

of course I have, all of those dates have so many ad-records.

It pretty much always shows nothing in there. I think I had a report there only once in the past year :smiley:

Hi all, don’t be alarmed.

If you suspect your wallet has been flagged please DM your wallet payment ID to myself or one of my colleagues and we can investigate further.
Please create your own post and we will answer any questions you may have. Otherwise I will close this thread.