All my BAT tokens are gone

Hi. My name is Danni

I have had some problems today.
First i have verified my wallet through the uphold site which made all my BAT 54.9 tokens be gone from the Bave browser and they never ended up on the uphold wallet.

Now i have 0 balance in both places as if my BAT’s just disappeared.

secondly, Today when i tried to reclaim my monthly payment i had to put the triangle figure in the other figure as a confirmation im not a robot. while i did it there was a error from brave and i dont know why but suddenly i could not claim my BAT’s and they moved to the next month payment. however they are also gone now and all my balances are 0.

I really need help. I dont know why this went so wrong.

Thank you

Hi @exodus24
Please see - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors .

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