No ads, payout date and transfer to uphold buggy....AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN ! :)

sooo buggy … I can hardly believe it!

  1. Again, all payouts are stuck in my browser wallet and are not transferred to uphold!
  2. The payout date is not updated and is stuck on May 6th!
  3. No more ads will be shown on the desktop browser, only on the mobile version

Have been a good user for a long time and have convinced friends of it, but I’m slowly losing interest!
Asking support over and over again is slowly becoming tiresome or hoping that every 5th update will finally work and that the BATS will be transmitted correctly or that no ad will suddenly appear for several months … yes, everything has already been experienced … .it is just annoying!!!

so, once again please, please please fix it: @support / @steeven / @Mattches

btw: win 10 is up to date
Version 1.24.85 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (64bit)


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Hi, I work on the ads team here at Brave, would you be willing to screen-share so I can help investigate the cause of these issues. Thank you, Terry


Hi. Can you please send me your payment id from brave://rewards-internals via a DM. And I will investigate and get back to you. Thanks, Terry

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