Ads payout not porting to Uphold wallet

Yes, I have connected my uphold account several times because I have installed brave browser multiple times to setup new windows. I had to install windows several times in few months because of my system failure. What should I do now? It’s been a long time since I haven’t received any payment from brave ads to my uphold account. All the ads reward still remain in the browser wallet but not in my uphold account.

Point to be noted -

  • My wallet is fully verified
  • The last payout was for November ad earnings and then I haven’t received any payout till now.
  • Tried connecting and disconnecting the uphold account to brave rewards but no luck

Hello @saidulhaqueriaz . Welcome to the club … Almost everyone in the same situation. Brave doesn’t pay anyone. Some people are unpaid for 6 months. They always make the same excuses and do nothing. Good luck

hmm. It sounds confusing to me that maybe they won’t pay anyone anymore for rewards.

I don’t know if they will pay in the future … What I do know is that they are not paying at the moment, and the problem has been going on for several months. They always give the same answers, say it is a known problem, ask to send your data by private message and do not solve anything … It seems that they are joking. So many months to fix a bug ??! It seems strange to me …

@BSCUNHA hmm. I hope they will fix this issue.

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