No ads on one of my browsers and frozen BAT


I am using windows 10 and Brave on 4 machines(one of them is a phone). The one in question is the one I use the most. I use it roughly 7-8 hours a day. It has been great for a long time and everything worked perfectly. Until the beginning of this month, it seems that my BAT has been frozen, as it is not being transferred to uphold, but also it is staying the absolutely same amount for about a week now.

My last push ad was on 08/03/2021, but there is nothing accumulated from blocking google/youtube ads and other websites. Also, sometimes I can see ‘ad result websites’ in google search although they are blocked, when refreshed it fixes itself.

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Is anyone ever replying on the issues?

I have the exact same issue.

Windows 10 aswell, everything worked perfectly, and now i don’t have any more ads, and i’m stuck a 41 ads for March. It’s working well on my phone and my laptop, and also on the same computer on my wife profile. So it’s definitly something with the profile, which is really strange.

I’ve got my wallet on uphold, with some external BAT on it

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Yes, I do have some BAT in my Uphold wallet. But I don’t have any BAT earnings in March at all… and my other PCs are fine. But the one I am having issues with, which I use most often is on 0 :confused: and honestly, there is not contact with Brave at all, anywhere, even here

The issue continues and no one from Brave is actually trying to help

The issue still persists. Can any Brave support help me out, please?

Same as my thread here:

The problem still exists even after the last update.

I will post this thread in the reddit support, let’s see if they have any resolutions …

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