There are no more ads

I installed Brave 2 days ago, First all was fine, I had ads and i earned BATs, everytime i opened a new tab the monthly rewards increased. But after the first day I didn’t see any more ads and I didn’t earn any BAT…

I’m on Windows 10, I did’nt change any settings since the first day, How can you explain that ?

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Same here. I stopped getting ads as well. Is there an ongoing issue with brave ads? Please advise.

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same here, it all just suddenly stopped. i toggled the ads on/off just to be sure but no. i am still stuck on the number of ads received for this month, been going on for several days. the ads on my other PC works fine

Same here no ads for many days. BAT not transferring over to uphold account for many months. No help from support. Seems like this entire Brave browser is in meltdown/collapse.

Same bro i m also not getting ads from this month after the new update

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